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7 Instagram accounts that inspire women and men(struation)

Oktober 24, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

Menstruation and everything related is trending (well at least in our minds) on social. When we started there was very little being shared on the topic and we are excited to see more and more conversations, events and art.

Time to share some Instagram inspiration about menstruation, female empowerment and transparency. The question is: how much female body, nudity and blood is ok or nay? Limits or no limits? A little while ago this picture got kicked out of Instagram. We’re curious: what do you think? 

Christel – our social media expert- has put together her top 7 Instagram accounts at the moment to keep an eye out on. They are also a source of inspiration for our own account

1. The Yoni Empire

The Yoni Empire

About The Yoni Empire: follow The Yoni Empire purely for pleasure. Elena – the woman behind – shares her tips & tricks about the female body and sexuality. Think about topics like: most women have a preferred body position that helps them to orgasm. What’s the difference between pleasure for a woman vs. man. Or a book tip focussing on bed meditation for you and your partner. Check out her account for more tips!

Follow @the_yoni_empire

2. Who the Fuck is Alice

Who the fuck is Alice

About Who tha Fuck is Alice: Alice is a London based Illustrator & Visual Artist with a strong vision on the topic of female empowerment and menstruation. You can call her an activist and feminist focussing on trends happening in society (mainly in the U.K.). The overall theme: colourful illustrations about equality and activism with the goal to inspire others. She breaks the taboo around periods by calling on Theresa May to give free sanitary products to all girls already in free school meals across the UK via her second account: The Pink Protest.

Follow @whothafuckisalice

3. We are happy period

Happy Period

#HappyPeriod is a social and inspirational menstruation community based in the States. With this they’re talking menses and are providing menstrual products to low-income & homeless communities. How? By sharing inspiring and positive posts about menstruation. We guarantee: it definitely makes you feel happy.

Follow @wearehappyperiod

4. The Vulva Gallery

The Vulva Gallery

The Vulva Gallery wants to raise awareness that every vulva is different by showing them and celebrating their diversity. The Amsterdam based illustrator, Hilde Atalanta, is on a mission to change the view on how individuals experience their bodies. You might have seen some of above stickers around the city?! Or what about these pins, stickers and tote bags. Maybe not all of you want to see vulvas every day, every where, but this is the only way to create visibility and open up a conversation. Read on why.


5. Cycles+Sex

Cycles Sex

Cycles+Sex posts colourful and pop arty pictures focusing on sexual education, including menstruation of course. Besides Instagram they organise meet ups in New York and different cities in the States. Why? Because in the USA education around sex & health is more about sex and how not to get pregnant, but not about how you feel, experience and the story behind.

Follow @cyclesandsex

6. Pink Bits

Pink Bits

About Pink Bits: check out different kind of shapes, sizes, colours & women. This illustrator wants to show body diversity ánd makes you feel confident about your own body. This is something many women suffer from. Instagram often makes it worse, but this account definitely makes it real and honest.

Follow @pink_bits

7. Polly Nor

Polly Nor

About Polly Nor: Polly is best known for her dark and satirical drawings of women and their demon. Really cool to see how this illustrator is inspired by her own female experience of life in the internet-age. Her Illustrations often tell stories of anxiety, self doubt, and the struggle for self-love. Interesting!

Follow @pollynor

X. Yoni


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There are definitely more taboo breaking accounts. Instagram is the place to be, not only for pretty pictures, but also for meaningful subjects like health, education, taboos, female empowerment and equality. You can find us on Instagram daily, so don’t hesitate to send us a PM via Instagram or e-mail me with your favo accounts.


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