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Period pain: help me please!?

August 23, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

The menstrual cycle has its ups and downs. Sometimes, it can be bloody annoying or even painful from time to time. Therefore we are going to dive deeper into the topic of period pain and what you can do to deal with that pain and discomfort. Therefore we’re curious: how often do you prefer to take a paracetamol? What about a natural option to keep our period under control?! Continue reading to find out.

Menstrual cycle

Your symptoms can vary monthly, which makes it hard to track which symptoms are exactly connected to your menstruation. The pain comes from the uterus, this is why you get period pain like cramps, back pain or a headache. Sometimes it could even feel like migraine.

Our tip: get familiar with your cycle as much as you can. Read about our ‘top 3 best period tracker apps’.

Paracetamol and other solutions 

If we feel pain we often dive into paracetamols. Most of the time it’ll help, but did you know that there are also a couple of other painkiller solutions for menstruation pain?  Naproxen and Ibuprofen will reduce making the hormones prostaglandin, which will reduce menstruation pain. For example: cramps and heavy blooding.

Our tip: if you would like to keep the period pain under control: first get to know your cycle (use painkillers only during moments you really need them), reduce painkillers and do your research. But most of all, we prefer to opt for these five natural ways of getting rid of our period pains:

1. Water
Try to drink enough water. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day helps against bloating during your period, but also against headaches.

2. Massage 
A massage can provide relief, because pressure will be exerted on certain points of your body.

3. Yoga
It is important to keep moving during your menstruation in order to keep your blood flowing. Read more about Yoga with Yoni.

4. Warm bath
Take some time for yourself and relax. For example, take a nice and warm bath. Do you like going to the sauna? Then you could also go to the sauna during your menstruation.

5. Eat healthy and a lot of iron
During your menstruation you lose large amounts of iron (that is in your blood). It is a good idea to replenish this deficiency through eating:

  • green veggies (artichoke, broccoli, zucchini, salad, broad beans, spinach and fennel)
  • grains (whole wheat bread, rye bread, oat meal, wholegrain crackers and muesli)
  • legumes (chick peas, lentils, soya – brown or white beans and peas)
  • nuts: all sorts

Period pains and your period

Some women suffer a lot more from painful periods than others. For example, you can have cramps that are so painful that you have to remain in bed for one or even several days. If you have such pains we advise to visit your GP. Namely, one in eight women are diagnosed with endometriosis, a concretion of the endometrium.

We are interested in your view on period pains: do you experience them or not? Participate in this research of the University Medical Centre St. Radboud. Questions? Send me an email:

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