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In this week’s episode of The Pussycast we’re digging even deeper into the subject of orgasms with Belle Barbé, writer of Ik en Seks. Lecyca and Belle discuss clitoral orgasms vs. vaginal orgasm, what we learn in school about the clitoris, the definition of sex and whether orgasms are a requirement of pleasure.

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Lecyca with this weeks guest, Belle Barbé

Sources mentioned in this episode:

Belle Barbé’s book: Ik en Seks

Belle Barbé Instagram

The Vulva Gallery Instragram

Het Poezenboek 


Hosted by Lecyca Curiel

Production and editing by Vinny Tailor,

Production by W. Green Agency and Yoni

Artwork by Weronika Anna Marianna Siwiec

Intro and outro music: BIGA – Lounge

Sponsored message music: Ambyion – Reaching for the Stars

Recorded at Salto


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