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Incontinence material: When to use what

August 1, 2019 . careyo-machinawa

Loss of urine can get in the way of your day to day life, but with a bit of preparation, you can go about your day – work, gym, errands – and come back dry. Your urine loss can be absorbed with some help from incontinence material.


Do you associate incontinence material with large diapers? No worries, incontinence material is actually very similar to the pads you might use for your period. Incontinence pads and liners are lighter and more absorbent than menstrual products and they’re very suitable for absorbing your drips and dribbles. It also keeps your skin dry and it absorbs the smell of urine leaving you fresh and dry. To prevent skin irritation, it’s good to use incontinence material that’s 100% organic cotton. This is softer and more breathable than conventional incontinence material.

So what kind of incontinence material do you need? In this blog we explain which products you use in various situations to absorb light urine loss:

At work:

1 to 2 drops
If you spend a lot of time at work, the lightest incontinence material (one drop) is sufficient. If you have a more active job, like a server at a restaurant or a dog walker, go for two drops. On days when you have important appointments or presentations, you don’t want to have to think about losing urine. To give you some peace mind, go up one drop from what you would normally use so that you can focus on rocking that presentation.

During exercise:

4 drops
Movement can sometimes increase urine loss. Don’t let this be a reason not to get the exercise you want and need. In the long run it can decrease urine loss because your pelvic floor muscles will get stronger. Not to mention the other benefits exercise has for your physical and mental health.

You’ll notice a difference between light and heavy activities: with running, jumping and strength training you have more chance of losing urine. Research has shown that it is safe to use a tampon during an hour of intense exercise to decrease urine loss. This may sound odd (it’s a different hole;) ), but a tampon in your vagina can support the bladder because it puts pressure on your urethra and can act as a damn. This can help to stop your pee. Never wear a tampon frequently to compensate for urine loss though, incontinence material has been developed for this purpose. Avoid skin and vaginal irritation by using a tampon or incontinence material made from organic cotton. This is softer and more breathable.

If you exercise intensively (more than three times a week or for more than an hour) then incontinence for 4 drops will most likely be suitable. Be sure to hop by the toilet before exercising and empty your bladder. Some women do not feel comfortable in tight yoga pants in combination with incontinence material: wearing a sports skirt can be the solution. Don’t stop exercising! Urine loss is a well-known problem among athletes, and it’s perfectly manageable with the right incontinence material. An additional advantage: you train your pelvic floor muscles during yoga, pilates and any other sport that helps to make your core stronger. Be sure to check with your doctor that you don’t have an overactive pelvic floor, because strength training is not helpful in this case.


4 drops
It’s handy that you can change your incontinence pads throughout the day, but at night this is not so practical if you want a good night’s sleep without interruptions. So, at night you need a product with four drops that absorbs enough to get you through the night. In the past night incontinence material was as thick as possible so that it would absorb all the moisture. Nowadays the material is light and still very absorbent. Very comfortable. Use 100% organic cotton material that does not irritate your vulva, because irritating chemicals in your incontinence material will definitely disturb your sleep.

Having a laugh with friends:

2 drops and up
Peeing your pants from laughing is suddenly not just something you say, but something that happens. No biggie! Incontinence material is your lifesaver for a night out laughing and dancing. Use material of at least two drops and hop on the dance floor or  on the couch watching a comedy with your friends.

Tip: Freeze and squeeze

For all of these activities you can apply the freeze and squeeze method! If you have a sudden urge to pee and you’re afraid you won’t make it, freezing and squeezing is the secret. Stand still or sit down for a moment and tighten your pelvic floor muscles three or four times. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus your attention on your breath and on stopping your urine. When the pressure has decreased head to the toilet.

If you find that incontinence material is not helping you or if urine loss is really getting in the way of you living your life, then it is good to see your doctor for advice.

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