Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use fabric softener when I wash my Period Proof Underwear? + -

    No, we strongly recommend to not use fabric softener cause it will affect the functioning of the superabsorbent layer inside the underwear.

  • Will my Yoni Period Proof Underwear smell? + -

    No, if you follow our care instructions, your Yoni underwear shouldn’t smell. However, if you feel they need a little bit of extra love or they might be smelling a bit musty if stored before fully dry, try soaking in vinegar. Put 1 cup of vinegar in a clean sink or bowl and add in 2 cups of water. Let your underwear soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Then toss them in the washing machine as usual. 

  • How do I care for my Yoni underwear? + -

    Treat Yoni PPU like any other delicate garmet you love! When washed with care, your Period Proof Underwear will maintain their super-absorbent functionality for approximately 2 years or even longer.

    Step 1. Rinse in cold water after use to remove any excess flow.

    Step 2. Throw your underwear in with your regular dark wash and wash at a max. of 40 degrees. Using a delicate bag can protect your underwear from things like zippers!

    Step 3. Air dry only. Do not use a dryer and note that it may take a couple of days to completely dry the super-absorbent layer. 

    Step 4. Reuse and Repeat!

  • How long will my underwear last? + -

    Our PPU can last for approximately 2 years or even longer. However, this depends on the wash and care. As underwear is considered a delicate product, we strongly recommend to follow our care instructions How do I care for my Yoni PPU? to ensure you get the most wear out of your underwear.

  • What makes Yoni Period Proof Underwear special in comparision to other period underwear? + -

    A lot of period underwear are bulky, especially in the gusset (the crotch area). You might feel like you’re wearing a thick pad or not want to wear your shorter shorts. Yoni underwear is very thin and super-absorbent. This makes them super comfortable and flexible, allowing you to forget your wearing special underwear during your period.

  • How much blood will my Yoni Period Proof Underwear absorb? + -

    Our Yoni Underwear absorbs 30ml of liquid. That’s approximately as much as 3 medium/ normal tampons’ worth of fluid.

  • Can Yoni Period Proof Underwear replace my current routine e.g. my use of tampons, pads and liners? + -

    Depending on your flow Yoni Period Proof Underwear can replace tampons, pads, liners and cups or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. Our current underwear absorbs 30ml of liquid, which is approximately as much as 3 normal tampons’ or pads’ worth of fluid.

  • How do Yoni Period Proof Underwear work? + -

    Yoni PPU is reusable and is made to absorb your period. It can totally replace the need for disposable products like liners, pads and tampons or can be used as back up. Every pair is made with material that’s moisture-wicking, super-absorbent and leak-resistant. This means they keep you fresh and dry, and are ultra thin for ultimate comfort. Take a look at our Period Proof Underwear page to learn more.

  • How do I remove my cup? + -

    Always wash your hands thoroughly before removing the cup.

    Get into a comfortable position (standing, sitting, or squatting) and relax. When you relax it is a lot easier to remove the cup. At first, it can be best to practice insertion and removal in the shower, to avoid messes.

    Insert your thumb and index finger into your vagina. Squeeze the base of the cup with both fingers (the ribbed area above the stem). NEVER pull on the stem. The stem is only for locating the bottom of the cup, never for pulling it out.

    Removing the cup should never cause pain or discomfort. If it does, check if the vacuum is really broken.

    Once you have broken the vacuum and are holding the cup correctly, it will be easier to remove if you tighten your pelvic floor muscles.

  • What is the stem on the bottom of the cup for? + -

    The stem of the cup is there to make it easier to identify where the bottom of the cup is. This can tilt a bit if you have it in for a while. Heads up! You should never pull the stem to remove your cup! Doing so can worsen the vacuum, making the cup more difficult to take out. Apart from making removal harder, that also feels very unpleasant.

  • I can still feel the cup + -

    If you still feel the cup, there could be several causes: (más…)

  • How do I clean my cup? + -

    After removing the cup, you can empty it into the toilet and clean it with some water, or wipe it down with some toilet paper. You can also use a pH neutral soap and rinse it well afterwards. Make sure you clean the air holes well so that it can draw a vacuum properly the next time.

    Between periods you can sterilize the cup by boiling it in water for 5 minutes.