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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean my cup? + -

    Before you insert the cup, it is important to properly clean it. You can clean the cup by boiling it in water for 5 minutes. Wash your hands well before inserting the cup.

  • What is my Yoni cup made of? + -

    Yoni cup is made of medical grade silicone. This material is specially made to stay safe in your body for a long time. The cup is 100% plastic, latex and BPA-free. In addition, the material of the cup is extra soft and flexible so that it is comfortable.

  • How much liquid can my cup hold? + -

    Size 1 of the cup holds up to 29 ml of liquid. Size 2 holds up to 38 ml of liquid. For reference, a regular tampon absorbs about 5 ml of liquid.

  • How much waste do I save when I use a menstrual cup? + -

    According to our calculations, one Yoni cup, which has been used for 10 years, replaces at least 2,400 tampons.

  • How does the Yoni cup differ from other menstrual cups? + -

    The Yoni cup has a shorter stem to prevent users from pulling it when removing it, without breaking the vacuum first. When the cup is removed without first breaking the vacuum, there is a risk of internal damage in the vagina.

  • How many hours can I wear my Yoni cup? + -

    The cup should be emptied within 12 hours. You can wear it for up to 12 hours, depending on your blood loss. When you first use the cup, we recommend emptying it more regularly so that you get to know your own flow.

  • How many years can I use my menstrual cup? + -

    You can use the cup for up to 10 years. This makes the cup a sustainable alternative to tampons or pads. The cup may change color through use, but this is normal. As long as the cup is not damaged, you can just use it.

  • What are the benefits of organic cotton incontinence material? + -

    Cotton is soft and breathable which decreases the chance of irritation around your vulva and vagina. Many incontinence material brands put plastics and absorbent chemicals like superabsorbent polymer (SAP) which can cause irritation. Yoni pads and liners for urine loss do not contain these chemicals and are made of 100% organic cotton.

  • Can you use menstrual pads/sanitary pads for urine loss? + -

    For the best protection against urine loss, it’s best to use incontinence material and not menstrual pads or liners. Menstrual products work differently than incontinence material. Incontinence material is made specifically to absorb urine which is thinner and comes out in larger quantities than menstrual blood. Also, Yoni incontinence material has natural odour control to protect you against the odour that is released from urine. So, it’s best to use incontinence products for urine loss to get the best protection you need. If you are on your period and also experiencing urine loss then it is fine to use menstrual pads/sanitary pads.

  • What’s the difference between menstrual pads and incontinence material? + -

    Incontinence material is made specifically to absorb urine which is thinner and comes out in larger quantities than menstrual blood. Also, incontinence material has natural odour control to protect you against the odour that is released from urine. Menstrual pads are made specifically to absorb menstrual blood and discharge which is a thicker consistency than urine.

  • Which incontinence material do I need (how many drops)? + -

    There is incontinence material for different amounts of urine loss. This is indicated by the number of drops on the package. For light urine loss caused for example, by stress incontinence or urge incontinence, a product with 1 to 4 drops will do. This will absorb anything from a few drops to a dribble. It might take some trial and error to figure out which one works best for you. If you are experiencing heavy leaks or surges, try incontinence material with 5 drops and up. To prevent skin irritation, use incontinence material made from organic cotton. This is soft on your skin, comfortable and breathable.

    Different activities and situations might call for different types of incontinence material. In this article we recommend which incontinence material to use in different situations.

    • Yoni Pee Leak Pads Extra (4 droplets): absorption of minimal 70 grams

    • Yoni Pee Leak Pads Mini (2 droplets): absorption of minimal 30 grams

    • Yoni Pee Leak Pantyliners Ultra Mini (1 droplet): absorption of minimal 15 grams

  • How long does it take to process and ship your order? + -
    If you place your order before 22.00, we will prepare and process your order within the same business day (excluding weekends and holidays) of receiving your order confirmation email.
    You will receive another notification when your order has been shipped. If you order during a weekend or national holiday, your package will be shipped the next working day.
    Estimated shipping time:
    • The Netherlands: 1-3 business days. Most of orders shipped in the Netherlands will be delivered the next business day, however actual delivery date will vary per location and courier
    • Belgium: 1-4 business days
    • Germany: 2-3 business days
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