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It’s so important get over the fear of your body and be able to enjoy it. Sex with a body you love is so much more fun!” 

What are you raising awareness for?  
As the founder of Rouze – a platform with erotic stories made from the female perspective – I am all too aware of the fact that we need to take good care of our bodies. Our body is deserving of love and attention. It is pleasure giving and that by cherishing it, we can maintain that pleasure… until we are old and gray (and well beyond). 

What inspired you to start Rouze?  
When I went looking for erotic content as a girl, I couldn’t find much of anything online that turned me on. In most porn movies, and in the past much more so than nowadays, women were always portrayed and “taken” in a certain way. It didn’t excite me at all and instead made me feel more sorry for the porn stars. Books, to me, were much more arousing I could use my own imagination. But a real safe place, with actual good, erotic stories, didn’t exist yet. This is why I started Rouze. 

Why do you think women have difficulties experiencing pleasure?  
For centuries, almost all attention for the female body has been on appearance only. We are sold to the idea that we need special creams, expensive make-up, and recently also fillers and botox for that perfect pout. But to be able to truly enjoy your body especially as you grow older, it is so important get over the fear of your body and be able to enjoy it. Sex with a body you love is so much more fun! 

What is one misconception about Rouze you want to dispel? 
A general misconception is that people who care a lot about their appearance are also the ones who are interested in sexy stories or other kind of erotic content. However, target group research by Rouze shows that it is actually people who are interested in matters related to ‘enjoyment’ in the broadest sense of the word – think food and travel –  are the most likely to be interested in Rouze. Quite logical when you think about it: if you are constantly worried about your appearance, you are less likely to enjoy your body and look for entertainment from that body. 

What do you hope to achieve?   
I hope to be able to open people’s eyes so they understand there is no ‘perfect picture’ when it comes to sex. With Rouze we hope to contribute to this by encouraging people to use their own fantasy rather than rely on beauty standards, porn or other external sources.  
Opening up to new sexual stories can also spark undiscovered desires and fantasies. We also contribute to this with Rouze: by writing stories that take you by surprise and are captivating, you may discover new parts of yourself. That’s the beauty of fantasizing: in your imagination everything is allow and nothing is taboo.  

What would your advise be to anyone interested in boosting their own fantasy? 
I would advise everyone to write an erotic story with yourself in the lead. No one needs to actually read it, you can delete it straight away so to speak, but I can assure you it’s empowering and very exciting to get in touch with that sexual superhero you’re about to make yourself. And if you’re very happy with what you’ve written and do want to share, feel free to email me. 

Why do you think it’s important that people like you are heard and amplified?   
I believe that the more different stories told, the better. New perspectives will break the old and outdated ones. 

Want to connect with Eva de Visser? Reach out here through the Rouze website.

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