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Anne & Leila the Sexologists in the making about all things orgasm

juillet 1, 2020 . careyo-machinawa

By Mariah Mansvelt Beck, co-founder of Yoni

Anne and Leila are both “sexologists in the making”. They are about to finalize their masters in Sexology at the University of Leuven and since 2017 they run the Dutch platform “Seksologen in spe” where they aim to break the taboos about all things sex related by opening up the conversation and answering people’s questions about sex. They believe the secret to breaking all of these taboos is to simply start talking about them so you’re informed and more comfortable to explore your own body as well as to communicate what you want and what you don’t with a partner.

As taboo breaking woman we’ve loved their work for a while now and in 2019 they also featured in Yoni’s International Women’s Day “Changemakers” campaign. More recently we focused our conversation on all things orgasm related on the Pussycast and just this week we recapped and asked some additional questions you had via Insta live. Read on for my top take aways from our chats and definitely listen to their episode if you want more of the details on e.g. what exactly happens in your brain when you orgasm and so much more.

  • Without going into all of the technical details here I learned why Anne & Leila refer to all orgasms as “brain orgasms” and that during an orgasm it releases all sorts of hormones into your system creating multiple health benefits. These included stress relief, helping you to sleep and connecting you to your own body as well as to your partner. Orgasms can also be used as a painkiller – useful if you are struggling with period cramps – and they can boost your immune system. In short “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”.
  • Research shows that lesbian couples have more orgasms during sex than hetero couples. Anne and Leila explained that with finger penetration you are more able than with a penis to make moves and curves in a way that you can better stimulate the inside of the clitoris which is wrapped around the vagina wall.
  • Even if you are paralyzed from the waist downwards, this doesn’t mean you can’t experience an orgasm. Anne and Leila explain that all orgasms are brain induced. This means you can actually teach yourself to have an orgasm with very different types of stimulation that don’t focus on the genitals at all.
  • Books tips! “Ik & seks” by Belle Barbé (listen here to Belle’s take on all things orgasm related on the Pussycast), “Krabben” by Milou Deelen & Daan Borrel (sorry only in Dutch to date!) and “Holly Fuck” by  Jeanneke Scholtens en Mabel Nummerdor.

For more information about what happens in your brain during an orgasm, why Anne and Leila don’t believe in the G-spot or any other spot, on whether or not squirting is a myth or not and a whole lot more tune into their episode on The Pussycast here. Also find them on Instagram @seksuologeninspe, their website http://www.seksuologeninspe.nl/ or on Youtube talking about sex (in Dutch) via “Lullen over sex” or “Glijd in m’n DM“. Keep an eye out – Anne and Leila’s first book should be out start of 2021!

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