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4x fresh’n up your vagina

mai 16, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

Header by Piera Gelardi

Lately there seem to be a lot going on about the shape, smell and size of the vagina. A little while ago Christel wrote a blog about the differences and diversity when it comes to vaginas. This time she’ll share her 4 tips on how to take care of down-there. She’ll dive into the subject again and is curious: what’s between your legs? Do you use soap, water or just nothing to fresh’n up your vagina? Read on for a fresh and fruity, but most of all fantastic vagina!

To be completely honest, we wouldn’t advise to use anything fruity between your legs. You don’t need unnatural soap, gels or perfume down there.

What about the bacteria? 

The fact that your vagina doesn’t smell yummie sometimes, is because of bacteria – just like in your mouth or armpits. Super normal and natural. But unnatural solutions like soap or gel won’t take care of those bacteria in the long term. In the long run your vagina takes the best care of herself with her own intricate ecosystem.

Christel’s top 4 

Do you see yourself as a big vagina caretaker or just curious about good stuff you could use between your legs? Of course it depends on your vagina and differs per woman, but we all feel better in the end by using organic options. That’s why Christel summed up her 4 tips:

1. Just water
Taking a shower or freshening yourself up is something we do every day without thinking. Give a little extra attention to the area around your vagina this time. Just by using water, with your hands or a washcloth. Do this once a day, but not more often or too intensely. Wash the outer sides of your vagina, not the inside, removing the bad bacteria and/or secretion, but not the good ones your body needs ;-).


2. Vaginagel
You probably know brands like Lactacyd which take care of your ‘intimate parts’ by using gel. Big fan of vaginagel? Choose a natural option like YES CLEANSE. Organic & hypoallergenic. Without unnatural materials, like parabens.

Vagina gel

3. Perfume for pubic hair?!
The organic brand Fur made beautiful perfume, oil and creme for your vagina. Used for less irritation or a sensitive skin and for fewer ingrowns. 100% organic. With key ingredients like coconut, tamanu oil, tea tree oil and chamomile extract. Totally fine for a vegan vagina.


4. Silky Underwear from Lush
We definitely need a finishing touch for our vagina. The powder Silky Underwear from Lush (have it at home and love it) smells extremely good. Made from cacao butter and cornstarch. I often use a little in my underwear, but you could also spray it on your body after taking a shower – close to your vagina or all over your body. This product is also suitable for vegans.

Lush Silky Underwear

There gotta be more beautiful brands or vagina must-haves out there. We definitely didn’t name them all and would love to hear if we missed out your favourite. Feel free to share yours via christel@yoni.care

A sensitive vagina? 

If you know you have sensitive skin and are easily irritated down there – itchy, allergic reactions or other irritations, we advise you to try all organic and natural products. Avoid synthetics, soaps and gels and try switching to a pair of eco-underwear and to pads or tampons made of organic cotton during your period.

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