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Yoni x Love Stories

avril 21, 2023 . joelle

The 28th of May is Menstrual Health Day. In our humble opinion this is still an important day. A day specifically to draw attention to menstrual health and the fact that millions of menstruaters are being stigmatized, excluded and discriminated against. This hinders people from going to school, studies or work. Something so normal should not be a reason for people to feel shame, exclusion or fear. 
Nor should poverty keep people from the menstrual care they need.  

That is why AFRIpads exists.  
AFRIpads is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting menstrual health and hygiene in East Africa. The organization uses donations to distribute reusable sanitary pads at no cost to those who need them, while also providing menstrual health education and advocating for policy change. AFRIpads Foundation’s mission is to empower women and girls through the provision of AFRIpads: locally produced, reusable sanitary pads.  

Yoni is proud to collaborate with Love Stories on the release of this special edition of our period underwear. Made from organic cotton with an ultra-thin super absorbent layer. It feels like normal underwear but it has the ability to absorb up to 3 medium tampons worth of blood. Wear, wash and repeat, giving you peace of mind during your period. 

For every pair of period underwear sold, Love Stories will donate 3 AFRIpads menstrual kits containing 4 washable sanitary pads each. Which means, with the purchase of just one pair of period underwear, you will support the menstrual needs of 3 women in Uganda for an entire year.  

AFRIpads is the world’s leading organization making reusable menstrual kits. Since they started in 2010 they have reached over 5 million women and girls with its reusable sanitary pads across east -Africa. Removing barriers for girls to complete their education and empowering the female workforce of the local communities. It has also averted nearly 30 million kilos of waste that would have otherwise been generated by disposable sanitary pads.  

The Yoni x Love Stories period underwear is available on lovestoriesintimates.com and in Love Stories boutiques all across Europe as of today –  April 21st. Stock is limited to gift yourself a more comfortable period and at the same time provide someone else the menstrual care they need. 

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