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6x my period and me being hungry

juillet 18, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

I’m having my period and I’m feeling pretty hungry. Many women notice an increase in hunger (and your cravings for chocolate). That’s why I’ve lined up my 6 period-food-tips. What’s best to eat, snack or drink? And I’m curious: what’s your craving during your menstruation? Read on and figure out what (not) to eat ;-).

This is how it works and why you’re in need of that extra food: while you ovulate, exactly 14 days before your period, your body is preparing for pregnancy. The hormones estrogen and progesteron are on the increase and your metabolism too. You’ll burn 15% more calories these days.

What not to eat…

I’m a sweet tooth myself: I’m addicted to chocolate, cake or cookies even if I’m not on my period. But… (to much) yep I know: sugar isn’t the best option. Especially during your monthly period. To much sweetness – or on the other hand salty food – or alchohol for example – will make you feel bloated.

What to eat?

1. Pure chocolate   

Having a sweet craving just like me? Choose pure chocolate. It contains magnesium which will reduce mood swings or heavy emotions in a positive way.

2. Watermelon 

Natural sugars in fruit, like watermelon, plums, figs and berries will cheer you up and you won’t feel bloated.

3. Citrus fruit 

Citrus fruit, for example oranges, lemons or limes will reduce cramps and emotions.

4. Eat iron 

During your menstruation you’ll – of course – loose a lot of blood, which contains iron. It’s a good idea to eat iron-rich food like:

  • green veggies (artichoke, broccoli, zucchini, salad, broad beans, spinach and fennel)
  • grains (whole wheat bread, rye bread, oat meal, wholegrain crackers and muesli)
  • legumes (chick peas, lentils, soya – brown or white beans and peas)
  • nuts: all sorts

5. Drink water 

Drinking a lot water is always a good idea. What about a slice of lemon and mint (will cheer you up), or green or camomile tea (soothing) or coconut water (hydration). You will feel fit and besides that super yummie.

6. Choose organic & natural 

We can imagine that only eating green, fruits or chocolate isn’t the way you wanna go. Tip: don’t choose salt & sugar but let’s a look at natural, bio and organic food. What about oaties with dates to start your day with? Sugar free cookies or ice cream to snack? A salad to lunch with and a chickpea-spinach-curry for dinner?

Still hungry or having questions? 

Please share your period-food-tips with me via christel@yoni.care

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