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A menstrual revolution: how periods are going public

novembre 28, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

While menstruation is one of the most natural phenomena most women have to deal with, it’s still not the most natural conversation starter and in some circles an unfortunate conversation stopper. Luckily, this is starting to change: periods are going public. A menstrual revolution is going on.

This is an important step in normalizing periods rather than medicalizing them. Normalization will essentially make it easier for ourselves and young girls especially to educate themselves and hence proactively monitor and protect their own health. Clue is a great example and we hope our My First Yoni book also contributes to a healthy conversation on our favorite topic.

New products, new world

As more and more people are questioning what their pads and tampons are made from and are demanding more transparency, we at the same time see a rise in alternatives to the general synthetic options.

New products such as absorbent underwear, or the gaining popularity of the mooncup as well as organic cotton tampons and pads offer an alternative. Healthy for the environment and, not unimportantly, for yourself.


Groundbreaking in the movement to normalize menstruation have been for example artists Gandhi and Rupi Kaur.

Gandhi decided to run a marathon on her period without using any protection and Rupi Kaur made a photo series visualizing her own period. One of the photo’s posted on Instagram with her lying in bed with a visible bloodstain was removed by Instagram, which caused a lot of commotion.

Blood normal

Maybe one of the reasons why both Gandhi and Kaur’s pictures caused so much commotion is how fem care advertising never shows any blood. For some reason it’s more normal to see blue liquid being used. But also this is changing….

We started with our Cycle Series and Cycle Story video’s in which we together with the creatieve Ine & Sanne (otherwise now known as INSANE) portrayed the highlights of the female cycle including blood.



But it’s not just us. Also major brand Libresse recently started the “Bloodnormal” (bloody normal) campaign, with the aim to break the taboo around menstruation, using blood. Yay!

A great initiative we applaud and want to share. Check it out here:


New products, more awareness and a different way of speaking and visualizing menstruation. All steps towards normalizing menstruation. We are proud to be part of this menstrual revolution. There’s still ways to go, but we are on our way and we’re not alone. Oh baby, join the revolution.

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