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How yoga can relieve your period symptoms

mars 21, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

Yoga is said to be one of the best remedies for the mind, body and soul. But what some of you might not know is that it could also help relieve a lot of your period symptoms. A lot of us are familiar with pain in the lower abdomen and lower back that comes and goes during or before our periods.

We at Yoni are always on the look out for ways to sooth ourselves during our period. Especially when we are dealing with cramps but still have to get on with our daily routines in the office or elsewhere. While we understand that sometimes you’d would rather stay in bed or lay on the couch all day, movement can actually help to reduce cramps. According to Medical Daily the less a woman moves, the worse the menstrual cramps can get.

“Yoga with Yoni”

So we thought we’d provide you with a couple of easy-to-do yoga poses to help relieve your period pains. And since Mariah was a professional yoga instructor and still is an active yogi we wanted to share a 10 minute yoga session to hopefully help you get through your period:

1. Cat Pose

The cat pose allows you to stretch the back torso and the neck, while providing a gentle massage to the spine and stomach organs. This flow will send energy through your spine, increase blood flow and relieve anxiety. This position is helpful to relieve constipation, which some women experience before or during their period.

How it works:
Come to your hands and knees on your yoga mat or the floor. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Take a deep breath and then lower your chin as close to your chest as possible, round your back like a cat. Then exhale and arch your back. Repeat as much as you’d like.

2. Tiger Pose

Tiger pose is a very effective way to alleviate lower back pain (which you may experience during your period). It stretches and stimulates the spinal column, helping to relaxe the nerves in the lower back. It also helps stretching the abdominal muscles, flushing this area with blood, which can help to alleviate cramping.

How it works:
Stay on your hands and knees. Then lift one leg up towards the ceiling while arching your back and looking forwards. Hold your leg here for three deep breaths. Come back to your starting position and swap sides using your opposite leg.

3. One-Armed Camel

This pose focuses specifically on the abdomen. It increases flexibility in the spine, stimulates the nervous system, opens the chest and shoulders, and improves circulation and digestion. Most of the time our spine is in a forward-leaning position that comes with sitting at a desk or driving a car. The spine is intended to move in both directions, so camel pose can help restore its natural flexibility.

How it works:
From your knees, now come up and kneel on your yoga mat. Feel free to place a blanket under your knees. Place one hand on your lower back and start to arch back. If you feel comfortable you can add in your head and even move your hand to your ankle. If you feel comfortable, extend your other arm outward in the same direction, reaching as far as you can behind your body. Breath into your chest, inhaling and exhaling a few times, then slowly come out of the post and repeat on the other side.

4. Arched Pigeon

This position is dubbed the “hip opener”. It’s good for easing cramps, and can help to relieve tightness Brough on by stress and tension, making you to feel more relaxed. This pose stimulates the internal organs, stretches the deep glutes, groins, and psoas — a long muscle on the side of the vertebral column and pelvis.

How it works:
Sit on the floor with your right knee bent and your left leg extended behind you. If you feel stable, place your hands on your hips and gently tilt your back. Maybe even extend your arms upwards. Hold for five or more breaths, and then repeat on the other side. Note: if you know you have sensitive knees or you feel any (hot, sharp) pain in your knee, back off and feel free to skip this pose.

5. Reclining Twist

This pose relieves pressure in the lower back and it’s a relaxing way to boost side-to-side spinal flexibility, which can further provide relief in the abdomen and lower back.

How it works:
Now come and lie on your back, and cross your left knee over to your right side. Extend your arms out wide, looking to the left. Hold for at least five breaths. Use your abs to lift your knees back to the center and repeat on the other side.

6. Wide Child’s Pose

This pose elongates the lower back and opens up the hips, while allowing the belly to relax in between the legs. This stretch helps to reduce tension in the hips. This pose also helps you to relax.

How it works:
To wind down your practice end with this pose. Place your knees on the floor, wide apart. Gently allow yourself to fold forward, extending your arms outwards in front of you. Rest your forehead on the mat or turn your head to the side. Allow your arms to relax next to you if you want. Hold for as long as you want. Note: if you cannot relax in child’s pose, feel free to end your short practice sitting or lying down.


If you have more time and wish to follow a more detailed and longer relaxing Yin yoga session, here is a 30-minute session, which is also focused on period pain relief, provided by one of Mariah’s favourite yoga instructor Jose de Groot. Take a look at the video here.

And if you wish to have a more advanced yoga session concentrating on the lower abdomen and back, please contact Rosa via rosa@yoni.care and you’ll receive a specially made yoga session by Jago Yoga. Also check out their new Yoga book which has an interesting take on the spiritual side of yoga combined with beautiful art. Check it out here.

We are curious: Did these yoga tips help relieve your period symptoms? And if you know more yoga poses that could help, please contact Rosa via rosa@yoni.care

Yoga pics via Medical Daily


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