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How Period Proof Underwear Changed my Life

septembre 1, 2021 . catherine

We can imagine that trying Period Proof Underwear for the first time might be a little bit… daunting. Especially if you’ve been wearing/using regular menstrual products for a long time. To help you on your way (and hopefully ease your worries), we asked two women who work behind the scenes at Yoni to share their honest experiences with our Period Proof Underwear.

Willa – Creative Director at Yoni

Tampon generation

‘When I had my first period, my mother told me to use tampons. She’s of the so-called ‘tampon generation’, when tampons were the latest and greatest thing. And of course, it was such a revelation back then to finally be able to go to gym glass, or to the pool, without having to wear a thick sanitary pad. So I took her advice and wore tampons for a very long time. I’m not a fan of sanitary pads. And because I am allergic to the silicone material that most menstrual cups are made of, that doesn’t leave a lot of options. But when I tried Period Proof Underwear for the first time, I was hooked.’

Takes some getting used to

‘When you put on Period Proof underwear for the first time, the fabric may feel a little stiff. I had to get used to that at first. But soon it felt like regular underwear; just like everyday, basic cotton panties I would normally wear. Let’s just say I don’t have to be embarrassed if I’m seen wearing them in the gym locker room. They’re very absorbent and the gusset (a.k.a. ‘crotch’) is a lot thinner than Period Proof Underwear from other brands I’ve tried. You definitely can’t tell from looking at them that they’re Period Proof Underwear. They fit larger than, for example, a thong or bikini bottoms but not too big (think: grandma underpants). But just big enough so you feel safe and secure.’

A godsend at night

‘I actually use our Period Proof Underwear throughout my period. And sometimes when I have a heavy flow, I wear a tampon as a backup. For nights especially, I think they’re a godsend. That would actually be my advice to people who are trying Period Proof Underwear for the first time, to wear it at night first. That way, you can take your time in finding out if they’re the right fit for you and your flow.’

Gabrielle – Marketing Manager at Yoni

See it to believe it

‘Mariah, Yoni’s founder, was dreaming of making Period Proof Underwear for a long time. But, truthfully, I wasn’t that excited. I knew it existed but couldn’t really see myself wearing them. It was hard for me to imagine how and if it would actually work, and if they could really absorb menstrual blood for hours at a time. So, in short, I was sceptical. When it was my turn to test our Period Proof Underwear, I even put a towel on my bed just to be sure. I remember thinking, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’


‘On my heavier days I can get quite a strong flow, so I was a bit worried about that. Because when I get up in the morning… the floodgates open, so to speak. But then I noticed that Period Proof Underwear absorbed the blood really well – I hadn’t leaked at all during the night. And once I got up, there was no leakage either – I was very impressed with that.’

Can’t live without them

‘I prefer not to wear our Period Proof Underwear on my heavy days, but rather on medium or light days. And if I’m out and about all day, I still find it more comfortable to wear a tampon and use Period Proof Underwear as a backup. Mainly because after having had two children, my flow is heavier and more irregular than before.

I especially find Period Proof Underwear to be convenient at night. I also prefer them to sanitary pads or tampons when it’s hot outside. If I had to name one disadvantage, it would be that it’s a little bit of a hassle to change your Period Proof Underwear in the middle of a workday. But that’s about it. For people who are apprehensive to start wearing Period Proof Underwear, I would recommend trying them at home first, for example on the first day of your period. And once you’ve gotten used to how they fit, maybe try going to the gym while wearing them. Ease into it, and take your time to find out whether they suit you and your life. In any case, I can’t live without them anymore.’

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