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Yoni’s next chapter

août 24, 2021 . catherine

When Yoni was founded in 2014, menstruation was still a taboo topic that was hardly talked about privately, let alone in the media. Period products were something you hid in your fist on the way to the toilet. And if you ever heard or saw something about menstruation, in tv commercials for example, it was usually accompanied by vague terms like “intimate zone” or blue liquid that was supposed to represent menstrual blood.

Fortunately, a lot has changed since then. The conversation about menstruation has opened up. There is a lot more information out there and a lot more products to choose from, as well as transparency in terms of their content. 

We at Yoni are still as driven to offer the best period care, without the unnecessary chemicals. But we have also realized that we have even greater ambitions. It’s time for the next chapter in our evolution. Even though a lot of progress has been made in raising awareness around menstruation, period products and vaginas, there are still so many taboos left to break. Taboos around pregnancy, hormones, sexuality and gender to name a few.

We believe in the power of storytelling and have had an open, no-nonsense approach. We are currently in a turbulent era globally, in which many things are changing. Collectively awareness is growing. There is a growing understanding that we are all connected and how our choices impact the earth. It is also a time to in which old beliefs about our bodies are being challenged and in which there is a better understanding of the natural phases our bodies goes through. It’s time to embrace our bodies instead of resisting them. What sometimes used to be seen as weakness, is exactly what makes us so powerful.

How wonderful would it be, for example, if young people with a vulva no longer had to whisper about their periods? If we could talk openly with our employers about our IVF journey, or a miscarriage? Or if we no longer see menopause as the moment you are written off, but as a new beginning? These stories are so important to share, especially right now. 

In this next Yoni chapter, we are determined to open up, share our stories and offer new sustainable products for people with a vagina. These changes are at the core of this new version of Yoni. We look forward to introducing you to our Period Proof Underwear, menstrual kits and CBD oil in the near future. 

We at Yoni want to help build a future in which everyone with a vagina is armed with knowledge about their bodies, and the products that fit their lives best. Without shame. Without taboos. With love for yourself and the world around you. Amen. 

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