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Be part of cutting edge research: from antibiotics to vaginal probiotics

June 12, 2023 . joelle

“I never started Yoni to just only sell organic cotton tampons and pads. My dream for Yoni is so much bigger and this research project fits exactly in line with our broader mission.” Mariah, co-founder of Yoni. 

At the end of last year, Yoni, the Crispatus Foundation the VU University Amsterdam and others teamed up together to start a joint research project focussing on the vaginal microbiome. This project aims to create a vagina friendly, over-the-counter probiotic. 

Probiotics are different from antibiotics. Instead of reactively solving a problem, probiotics aim to prevent problems from showing up. Rosanne Hetzberger, project leader and initiator of the Crispatus Foundation, is working with Yoni and other partners to develop a product based on the crispatus bacteria. The crispatus bacteria has been proven to play an important role in overall vaginal health. Not everyone’s vaginal microbiome includes healthy amounts of this bacteria and there are times in life when people experience imbalances. Introducing this bacteria has shown to reduce vaginal inflammation, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, vaginal infections and even miscarriages.  

This research project is a citizen science project in which everyone with a vagina can become involved and can donate their own crispatus bacteria. The citizen scientists can get involved not only by donating their bacteria but also by participating in brainstorms with the aim to develop a vagina friendly end-product that can be bought over-the-counter with out the need for a doctor’s prescription. 

Interested in learning more about your vaginal health? And helping to develop the best probiotic product possible? If so feel free to join the first brainstorm on the 30th of June. This session will provide more insight into the vaginal microbiome in general and will focus on what makes a product user friendly…. What would be better a spray or a panty liner? A tampon or a wet wipe?  

We hope you will come and join us.  

Practical details:  

The brainstorm is on Friday 30 June at “De Groene Afslag” in Laren with walk-in between 14.30-15.00, starting at 15.00 to 18.00 with drinks and bites until +/- 19.00. 

You can ask questions about the afternoon and register with Niamh Sibley: niamh@yoni.care. Please indicate whether you will travel by car and are open to possibly carpooling or if you will use public transport.

De Groene Afslag at Amersfoortsestraatweg 117 Laren is easy to reach by car but a bit more complicated by public transport. We are looking into how to help people without a car by either picking you up at Hilversum train station or finding someone you can carpool with.  

For more information about this research project check out this lecture given by Rosanne Hetzberger. 

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