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Say goodbye to the beauty ideal

December 12, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

Tall, short, symmetrical, muscular, slim, feminine, small tits, big tits, cellulite or none. Like it or not, every day, every where we are confronted with the beauty ideal. But is this what we should focus on and spend all our energy striving to meet? We dare to differ…

Beauty through out the years

Nowadays the “perfect” women has flawless skin, full buttocks, a flat stomach, perky breasts and beautiful hair (on your head and no where else).

This hasn’t always been the case. Standards of beauty are constantly changing and are very much linked to culture. Every culture has its own beauty ideals. Like the Japanese light skin, for example.

In addition, our standards of beauty are shaped by what we see in the media. The rise of social media has therefore had a major impact on our body image, in which we are constantly exposed to a certain standard of beauty.

Make-up, plastic surgery and programs like Photoshop have made it possible to manipulate our appearance like never before.

Limited shelf life

Ten years ago, in the documentary ‘Beperkt Houdbaar’ (limited shelf life), Dutch documentary maker Sunny Bergman criticized the feminine beauty ideal. Ten years later, the documentary actually still applies.

What about men?  

Somehow society has focused more on the appearance of women than that of men. However and in large part due to the rising popularity of social media men are also feeling the pressure to have the perfect six-pack, if not by spending over-hours in the gym, maybe assisted by more radical solutions like plastic surgery or steroids.

Let’s say goodbye

The word ideal implies perfection and don’t we all agree that we are all perfectly imperfect? Let’s stop constantly comparing ourselves and striving to be something most of us will never be.

A more constructive focus would be on being the best version of ourselves independent of our external appearance.

Woman, you’re beautiful.


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