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Everything you didn’t know about the clitoris

September 26, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

The bald man in the boat, hooded lady, clit, pearl, sweet spot, happy button, skittle or just clitoris. Whatever you call it, this spot hidden behind the labia, is and remains our favourite body part. Read on for a few facts you might not know yet about the clitoris.

Fun fact 1 

The clitoris is our favourite part of the body. It starts with the little visible button-like portion and ends with what we call, the G-spot. Hence, most of the clitoris is hidden inside of your body, and is about seven to twelve centimeters in length. Many people therefore think that there should be a separate term for the “button” instead of the entire organ. What do you think, and how should we call it? Send your most creative ideas to laura@yoni.care

Fun fact 2 

Is it clítoris or clitóris? According to the English dictionary it’s the first option, we didn’t know. In addition, the word clitoris comes from the Greek language. According to linguists, it would mean ‘key’, as a symbol of the key to female sexuality.

Fun fact 3

Each clitoris is different in both size and color. Talking about the size, our pleasure button, just like our nose and ears, grows as you grow older.

Hey you, lucky girl

There are a lot of similarities between the clitoris and the male genitals. In the womb, the male fetus starts out with a clitoris which further develops into the penis. Like the foreskin, the clitoris also has protective skin around the clitoris, otherwise known as the clitoris hat. When men get an erection, the blood flows through the penis and swells it up, which is exactly what happens to women as well. Blood enters the clitoris on the inside of the body when we get excited. As a result our vaginal wall produces moisture – a sign you’re getting hot.

We women are privileged. The penis is a multiply functional organ. The clitoris, on the other hand, is the only organ in the human body that’s there purely for pleasure. In addition, the clitoris is full of nerve endings –  around eight thousand, which is twice as many compared to men. No wonder it’s such a sensitive thing!

All the reason to put our pleasure organ in the spotlight. So spread the word: get cliterate! Do you want to know more? This lovely animation tells you all about the history of the clitoris.

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