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Female and vaginas

December 13, 2016 . careyo-machinawa

Last Friday was female-vagina-Friday at the office: we talked to Mandy Smith, paper artist and not that long ago also ‘vagina folder’ We’re big fan because we love to break taboos around menstruation ánd vagina’s. That’s why ‘breaking taboos part 3 female and vagina’s’ with Mandy’s project No More Cutting as leading subject.

No More Cutting inspires women to have a (different) look at vagina’s and think about female genital mutilation (FGM). 3 million girls and women are victim of genital mutilation each year against their will and without proper understanding of what is happening to them. A serieus issue where 8300 girls a day are at risk of being cut. Something we can’t imagine in the Netherland, right?

We women all have different kind of vagina’s. But at the moment, more then ever, beauty and appearance around our female bodies and female genitalia seem important. Stereotypes have created the idea of “normal”. But why ladies? “We need to be proud and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the natural female form and not be pressured to change”, Mandy says.  All the vagina’s she made out of paper she made by hand. And you can send her (anonimous ofcourse) your vagina if you wanna help her breaking the taboo.

Meet Mandy and her TED talk:

“I am on my period, which some times feels like a constant state, but therefore Yoni is the most inbetween. As it is the winter months there are a few more things to add to the list. Knickers, tights and leggings. I have to wear double layers or more on the legs for I get cold pretty easily. Then to top it all off I have a blanket to wrap myself up in so I feel pretty cosy.”

One more note we wanna make: your vagina and monthly period is the ultimate sign of being a woman. And we love that. Yoni’s content creator Christel wrote 3 blogs about the taboo around the pill – menstruation and the vagina. Share your story or ideas with christel@yoni.care

Keep an eye on the blog and our social media! Did you miss the other blogs in the serie? Read here about breaking taboos part 1: the pill and the (feminist) period’ and ‘part 2: ‘be bloody bold’.

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