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Vaginal discharge explained

August 15, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

About one week before your menstruation discharge sometimes appears more and is a bit thicker than otherwise. From white to yellow discharge and from a small spot to a thick and rather slimy smear. Everything is possible. When you Google ‘discharge’, you find all sorts of questions on the topic: women ‘suffer’ from vaginal discharge, are questioning whether their experience is ‘normal’, and are curious what color it should have.

Not strange considering the fact that with age the quantity, color and smell of a woman’s discharge changes. However, most women rarely, if ever, talk about vaginal discharge, which means a lot of women are probably walking around with questions. That’s why we are going to scrutinize the taboo surrounding discharge. Read on for all the answers!

What is discharge?

The walls of the vagina and cervix produce liquid and mucus. At times, some of that makes its way out, producing vaginal discharge. ‘Regular’ vaginal discharge is liquid, transparent and whitish. When it dries up, it can become a bit more yellow.

Menstruation and vaginal discharge

It’s possible that your discharge looks different during your menstruation. When you are about to ovulate, your body produces large amounts of estrogen, which result in changes in your cervical mucus. Our tip: start studying your own body and check whether this is the case. Some people can even tell if they’re fertile just by looking at their vaginal discharge. This Vice article (Dutch only) explains it all. Super interesting.

“It is best to dig deep inside of you everyday, to discover the different stadia of your cervical mucus.” (Source: VICE)


Something doesn’t feel right down there?!  

Of course there’s a possibility that something doesn’t feel right. If you are facing way more than you normally do or see a change in color hinting more towards a greenish yellow or snow white. Or if your discharge is a little bloody or starts to smell, then we recommend to pay a visit to your doctor.

Curious about how to recognize whether or not you’re fertile based on your discharge? Read the above mentioned article. And remember to feel free to ask me anything (although I’m not a doctor): christel@yoni.care

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