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Making Menstruation More Inclusive

This March, we want to empower and embrace the different voices working to make menstruation more inclusive. At Yoni, we believe in smashing taboos and removing stigmas surrounding menstruating bodies. Menstrual inclusivity means being inclusive of all bodies who menstruate, and the way they experience it. It also means including menstrual health when we talk about work, politics and society. From the physical, to the emotional, to the political – menstruation affects all of us in different ways. That’s why we’ve joined forces with three amazing Game Changers to shed light on menstrual inclusivity.

Meet Maria Carmen Punzi


There is no gender equality without menstrual health. Whenever we leave one group behind, we’re not really being inclusive. How do we make periods also inclusive for people who don’t have a menstrual cycle?”  

Meet Nanoah Struik


“I make menstruation more inclusive by creating awareness on gender diversity within menstrual health. We need to start seeing the diversity in people who menstruate to make periods more inclusive. Periods are talked about as a “woman-centred” thing and we tend to use gendered language around it. There are people like me who might menstruate but don’t identify as a woman. There are people who might identify as a woman, but don’t menstruate.”

Meet Shadi Nikshomar


“According to research conducted by the Neighborhood Feminists in 2022, 27% of people in Amsterdam who menstruate couldn’t afford period products. Being able to access the products that you need to have a safe period, should be a human right.”

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