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Menstrual products for in offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and more.

Do you think that menstruation is none of your business? It is actually. Whether your space is a bustling office, a lively school, a welcoming restaurant, or any organization with a restroom, offering menstrual products is a matter of inclusivity and respect. Ensuring everyone who visits or works in your space feels considered and comfortable is not just good ethics—it’s good business. Our products are sustainable, ethical and comfortable. We are a certified B Corp with a dedication to the planet and its people. We work with schools, NGOs, as well as businesses big and small.

89% have experienced anxiety or stress in the workplace due to their period. Only 1 in 10 have not.

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Periods outside of home

Imagine this: you’re at work, school, a restaurant, or any public venue, and you find there’s no toilet paper in the restroom. Unthinkable, right? Not having access to the products you need causes stress and distraction. The taboo around periods means that we often find it difficult to say what we need. Not having period products in public spaces means that people are forced to ask others, dash to the nearest store (and yes, speed is of the essence), or even return home or go even home. This needs to change.


At Yoni, we care about vaginas and the people they belong to. We’re here to smash taboos and share our knowledge on menstruating bodies. We believe that every body deserves menstrual care free from chemicals, plastics and shame.

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