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Yay or nay. Is it okay to swim during your period?

August 1, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

If you enjoy swimming during the rest of your cycle, there’s no reason to stop just because you have your period. Even getting your bloody period on vacation doesn’t really matter: just dive in the pool or take a dip in the ocean. Because it’s okay to swim while menstruating. Yay!

Read on for answers to all your period swimming questions. And let’s have a closer look at this supercool period pool party project.

Is it unhygienic to swim while menstruating?
Nope. When you’re in the water, the water pressure keeps your body from releasing menstruation blood. That means you don’t have to worry about leaking in the water, especially when you use a tampon. But even if your period started while you were swimming and a small amount of blood came out, this would be diluted by the water.

What happens when I get out of the water? 
When you step out of the water, you’re also stepping out of the water pressure, so your period starts right back up again. If you’re using a tampon you don’t have to worry about leaking, but always keep in mind to change your tampon more often: before you swim and right after you leave the water to stay hygienic. 

What about pads & water?
Not all ladies use tampons. But we don’t recommend to go swimming with pads… As for pads, they lose their adhesive backing because the water dissolves it. Plus pads absorb not only period blood, but also water. Which goes hand in hand with soggy pads between your legs or even worse: somewhere in the pool. Our tip for ladies who’re not into tampons: check out period-proof swimwear.

Do I have to worry about my bikini and leaking?
Nope. If you’re using tampons: only make sure your string stays inside, or choose period-proof underwear. Ready to jump into the pool!

Period pool party 

Now that all questions are listed, we’re curious about your view on this topic: feel free to share yours via christel@yoni.care. From now on we’re totally ready for a period pool party this summer. Let’s have a look at ‘The Clams’, an Australian water ballet squad who break the taboo around menstruation in the pool.

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