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The pill and the (feminist) period

September 20, 2016 . careyo-machinawa

With Yoni we aim to break the taboo surrounding menstruation and vagina’s by talking and writing about these topics in all honesty. Not only about tampons, but also subjects like the pill, contraception and feminism. This time Christel tells her story and relationship with the pill in breaking taboos part 1 ‘from the pill to the feminism period’. What do we put in our bodies to avoid getting pregnant?

This summer the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant came with an interesting article De pil betekent niet langer emancipatie. Using the pill used to stand for emancipation but is now being said to stand in the way of female pleasure, emotions and the ability to know your own body. Exactly what a modern feminist wants.

Time to dig deeper… As a 22 year old young woman I don’t know a lot about the effects. To be honest, a year ago I didn’t even understand that on the pill I wasn’t actually having my natural period. And I expect a lot of girls and young women like me don’t know either. So taking the pill and hence the hormones involved for 3 weeks in a row ensures you don’t ovulate, flattens your emotions and perhaps much more. I’m curious: what else? And how well do I actually know my own body?

I’ve used the pill for a couple of years now. And up to recently I’d never given it proper thought. My doctor told me: you’ll get less cramps, lose less blood, have less acne and facial hair. Perfect for me as a teenage girl. But the doctor didn’t tell me anything about the alternatives. And now, a few years later, I’m curious. There’s the implant, the patch, diaphragm, the ring, fertility awareness (a bit risky), an internal condom and more… Read about all options here. Note: all these alternatives have pro’s and cons, just like the contraceptive pill.

While searching the internet I bump into a lot of pill-information. Last year Bregje Hofstede wrote an interesting piece about the pill in de Correspondent, about her, mainly sexual, experience with or without the pill. In her opinion it’s not only a female question, it affects men and lovers too. Especially the ones who are interested in having great sex – and the well-being of women. 

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more and I’ll let you know if I’m going to stop. And of course we’re curious about your opinion on this subject too. Do you wanna try a female condom? Or does the pill works perfectly for you? Share your story with christel@yoni.care.

Painful insights I found about the pill during my search on the internet (in Dutch):

Slik je de pil? Dit is wat je moet weten by Bedrock
De pil betekent niet langer emancipatie by de Volkskrant
Waarom stoppen met de pil voor mij een oplossing was by VICE
Het is tijd om met de pil te stoppen (want die verpest mijn seksleven) by the Correspondent

One more note: your monthly period isn’t that bad. It’s the ultimate sign of being a woman. But let’s stay critical, especially if you don’t wanna get pregnant.

Next time Christel introduces you to breaking taboos part 2 menstruation: a period isn’t perfect.   

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Photo’s medicines by Florent Tanet


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