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Pay for a Period

November 27, 2023 . camillazoe

If you menstruate then it’s highly likely that your period has caught you off guard without any products at hand. You may have found yourself rummaging around in bags looking for a loose tampon, or maybe you had a housemate that could help, or maybe you found yourself making an emergency run to the store. But what if you don’t have the money? Do you not go to school, to work, or to see your friends as planned? Do you just stay at home? This is a reality for 1 in every 10 girls and women living in poverty in the Netherlands. This is why we have been working together with the Armoedefonds (Dutch Poverty Foundation) for the past 3 years to help fight period poverty.   

The consequences of period poverty are not limited to just when you’re on your period. When it’s happening it affects your ability to concentrate and causes stress, but longer term it can remain detrimental to your self-confidence and mental health. Not having access to period products when you need them affects your work and/or school performance in both the short and long term. This is why it’s so important that there is more attention given to period poverty. Here in The Netherlands awareness for period poverty has really been kick started by the research done in 2019 by the feminist organization the Bovengrondse as well as the research done in 2022 on period poverty in Amsterdam by the Neighborhood Feminists. Since then, period poverty and how to deal with it has been discussed by politicians at both the national and municipal levels, policies have been put in place and budgets have been released. There are organizations like the Neighborhood Feminists in Amsterdam and the Armoedefonds across The Netherlands that are working to combat period poverty in person by providing products at local “menstruation stations”. 

In 2021, the Armoedefonds started their fight against period poverty by offering period products at places like schools, community centers, food banks, etc. Now, they have grown from 1,000 menstruation stations to nearly 2,000 in just the past year. This year alone the Armoedefonds will have provided continuous support to more than 160,000 people in need with a wide variety of period products. People in need should still be able to choose their preferred type of product. Yoni has partnered with the Poverty Fund since the very beginning of this project and is one of many brands they work with.  

Unfortunately the demand for accessible period products continues to grow, and the Armoedefonds plans to keep opening stations for menstruators in need. They expect to open another 500 stations next year. The organization strives to ensure that every station opened also remains filled with a wide selection of products. This means that the Armoedefonds needs more and more products to keep the stations stocked. 

Now it’s the giving season, with a lot of emphasis on gift giving to your loved ones as well as those in need. As we believe everyone should have access to period products we, together with the Armoedefonds, are launching a “Pay for a Period” campaign, which will run until January 2nd. Through Yoni you can donate our products directly to the Armoedefonds. For every bundle of product you donate, we will match your donation. This way we can double the amount of donations the Armoedefonds receives. If you choose to donate 2 packs of pads, we will do the same. Together we can support the Armoedefonds with their important work. Join us.


Together we donated 280 Bundles! That’s 4,000 pads and 7,512 tampons! That’s enough period products to cover 38 menstruators for an entire year! These products will be distributed to the Armoedefond’s 1.900+ Menstruation Stations (MUPs) to help fight period poverty across the country.

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