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December 14, 2022 . izabella

More and more people have become aware of period poverty in their close environment. Maybe cause of the attention it’s gotten from mainstream media in the past year. Or perhaps cause for many people it’s closer than ever as a result of the increasing cost of living.  

Recent study by Neighborhood Feminists showed that in the past year, in Amsterdam 27% of people who menstruate could not afford period products at some point. The research titled “Amsterdam menstruates”, revealed more shocking numbers that for many emphasized the need for more effort to stop period poverty in the Netherlands.  

And not unheard! On December 6th the majority of the House of Representatives ruled that menstrual products should become free for people with a low income. They’ve announced that an additional 5 million euros will be made available for food aid and items for personal care and hygiene for the coming year. 

Amazing! But also long overdue if you ask us. Since a previous study had already shown that 1 in 10 people who menstruate in the Netherlands can’t always afford to buy period products.  

For Armoedefonds this of course is no new information. They’ve been fighting period poverty in the Netherlands for years. By providing their 1270 (and counting) period product hand out points with tampons, pads, liners and reusable period products. Through these points, which are spread across the entire country, the products reach the people who need them most everyday.  

Yoni talked with Wendy Heerkens-Brands from Armoedefonds. She let us know it’s been very busy as a result of the increasing cost of living that we’ve seen the past year. More people are struggling to get by and find themselves depending on initiatives such as the handout points.  

Armoedefonds stays in touch with all their handout points through Facebook groups. That way they stay in the know of what’s going on and can provide for any special needs if necessary.  

Wendy lets us know that Armoedefonds make an effort to supply all points with a wide range of products. They rightly believe you deserve to have options, period. It’s unacceptable to be forced to use products that give you irritation, pain, or don’t suit your body out of financial need.  

Many people benefit from having organic, chemical free options available. That’s why Yoni is so glad to be able to help and provide regular donations. As well as share with you our #payforaperiod campaign this month.  

How can I help?  

There are several ways in which you can help Armoedefonds in their fight against period poverty in the Netherlands. One of which is this month’s Pay for a Period campaign.  

When you purchase one of the assigned bundles on our website we ship the products, not to you, but straight to Armoedefonds. From their distribution centre, your purchased products will make their way to one of the period product handout points. So you can give someone that needs it most a kinder period. 

Together against period poverty!  

Check out our #payforaperiod campaign  

See more ways in which you can help Armoedefonds 

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