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Yoni Period Proof Underwear

New, for you. We can’t take away cramps, back pain, and how deeply annoying your partner is right now – but we can offer you the most comfortable and leak-free period underwear on the market.

Why Period Proof Underwear?

For years Yoni Founder Mariah loved the idea of Period Proof Underwear but was held back from using them because it felt like wearing a diaper. She was sure that this product could be made more comfortable.


Together with Susanne from Runes Movement Yoni co-created the thinnest pair of Period Proof Underwear we’ve seen to date. It easily absorbs up to 3 tampons worth of blood. This makes it a great option for nights, as a back up or an everyday underwear to feel good in all day and night.

No leaks, no wedgies, no puddle-pants. Period Proof Underwear is here to stay.

How do they work?

Yoni Period Proof underwear is made from soft, stretchy organic cotton. The ultra-thin absorbent layer made from a microfelt easily soaks up 3 medium tampons worth of blood. This layer together with the leak-proof blocker layer makes sure you’ll never notice any wetness – just dry, comfortable underwear to feel good in all day and night.



How to use Period Proof Underwear?


Wear them on their own, or combine with a cup or tampon. Day or night, and even to the gym, Yoni stays dry, fresh and leak-free wherever you are.



How should I take care of my Period Proof Underwear?


Wear, wash, and wear again


–  Wash at 40 degrees and air dry only.

–  After washing the absorbent layer can take a day or two to air dry. We recommend having a few pairs to wear throughout your period week.

–  Absorbent layer will feel softer after washing.

Periods can really suck. Let’s work on that.

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