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Period Proof Underwear

August 24, 2021 . catherine

‘Introducing: Sustainable Period Proof Underwear’

We at Yoni have had a vision for quite some time: sustainably made Period Proof Underwear that is super absorbent but still comfortable. That’s durable but looks like regular underwear. And that’s even, dare we say it, sexy – without of coarse seams or a visible absorbent core. After more than a year of research, testing, even more research and  more testing, we are proud to finally introduce our sustainable Period Proof Underwear.

What is Period Proof Underwear?

Let’s start with the basics: Period Proof Underwear is washable, reusable underwear that collects menstrual blood via an absorbent layer in the gusset (a fancy word for ‘crotch area’). You can use Period Proof Underwear to replace tampons, sanitary pads or a menstrual cup, or as extra protection on your heavier days. Whatever works for you. And after a day or night of wearing it, you just throw your Period Proof Underwear in the wash – easy peasy. For our Period Proof Underwear, we collaborated with the Dutch brand Runes Movement, a women’s sportswear brand dedicated to women’s anatomy and athletic needs such as active leggings that aren’t see-through – hallelujah!

Win win

Our Period Proof Underwear looks like regular underwear. It’s made from organic cotton and recycled nylon, is sustainably produced in a women-run factory in Portugal and it’s just plain better for the planet. Because did you know that Dutch women throw away an average of 260 menstrual products – or 1 tot 2 kg of waste – per year? Period Proof Underwear is therefore not only a convenient and easy to use alternative to regular menstrual products, but also one of the most sustainable options. That’s a win win in our book.

Period Proof Underwear FAQ

How long can you wear your Period Proof Underwear?

Our Period Proof Underwear has an absorbency of 3 medium tampons. In most cases, you can safely wear them for a full day or night. You can also use Period Proof Underwear as a backup if you have a heavy period and/or often experience period leakage. Or just on your lighter days, if for example you don’t like using panty liners. Your body, your period, your choice. 

Are different colors and styles available?

We’re starting off with just a ‘bikini’ style brief for now, in the color black. More colors and styles are in the works as we speak.

How should I wash and dry my Period Proof Underwear?

You can wash your Period Proof Underwear at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. Skip the dryer and let them air-dry. Please note: because the underwear is made of a super absorbent fabric, it can take a while before it’s dry (about two days). 

How many pairs do I need?

Because it takes a few days for your Period Proof Underwear to dry, we recommend buying couple of pairs. That might seem like a big investment. But research has shown that women spend an average of €12 a month on period products, which equates to €5780 throughout our fertile lives. By wearing Period Proof Underwear, you are not only making a sustainable choice but also saving money in the long run. 

How much is Period Proof Underwear and where can I buy it?

Our Period-Proof Underwear is 39,75 and when buying more, you can get discounts. Currently our underwear is only available online.

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