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Pads Box

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In the Netherlands, more than 1 million people live in poverty; 25% of them menstruate. Getting your period can be stressful enough, without having to worry if you can afford the products you need. ​


That’s why Yoni has been teaming up with Armoedefonds to fight period poverty for the last three years. At any time of the year you can select one of our “Pay for a Period” Bundles (with or without your own shopping) and donate Yoni products to Armoedefonds.


All donated* products will make their way from Yoni directly to Armoedefonds and on to one of their 1,900+ MUP’s (Menstruatieproducten uitgiftepunten) across the Netherlands. MUP’s are points where anyone in need has free access to a variety of period products. Check out the Armoedefonds site to find one near you.

Product details

This box includes:

  • 1x Pads Medium (x10).
  • 1x Pads Heavy.

* for this product there are no refunds possible.


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Easy returns within 14 days

Chemical free

Most pads and tampons are made of synthetic materials like rayon and often contain plastics. Yoni products are made from organic cotton without the chemicals.


Cotton is one of the most sprayed upon crops in the world, impacting the environment and wildlife around it. We choose organic cotton because it’s good for your body and our planet.


We believe all people should know what their most intimate products are made from. That's why we list our ingredients on the pack.

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