Period Underwear • Bikini Briefs

Yoni’s Period Proof Underwear is made of organic cotton with an ultra-thin absorbent layer. It feels like normal underwear but it is meant to absorb menstruation, as much as three medium tampons.


It is easy to clean: rinse the bottom under the tap, wash it in the washing machine, let it air dry and wear again. Washable and therefore reusable.


You can completely replace the use of disposable products such as panty liners, pads and tampons with this reusable underwear. You can also alternate it, or use the underwear as a backup next to your tampon or cup. Wear it during the day, at night, or even during exercise. You stay fresh, dry and leak-free, wherever you are.


No wetness, no leaks, no worries.

Product details

  • Style: Bikini briefs.
  • Main underwear made of soft, stretchy, certified organic cotton.
  • Super absorbent: this menstrual underwear absorbs as much as three medium tampons or medium pads.
  • Comfortable thanks to an ultra-thin absorbent layer that wicks away moisture and is leak-resistant.
  • Easy to use: carry, rinse, wash and re-wear.
  • Reusable
  • Exclusively designed in collaboration with Runes Movement
  • Ethically produced in Portugal


Main fabric

94% certified organic cotton, according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); 6% elastane. The underwear is also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and tested for harmful substances.

Absorbent layer

100% polyester

Blocker layer

65% polyester, 35% polyurethane

Elastic band

67% polyamide, 33% elastane

Sewing thread

100% polyester


100% polyurethane

Care instructions

Did you know that in a lifetime, an average of 10,000 menstrual products are used that then end up in the trash? That’s a lot of full trash cans. This menstrual underwear is durable in use and lasts at least 30 washes.
  • First rinse the underwear under the tap.
  • Then wash it at a maximum of 40 degrees in the washing machine (without fabric softener).
  • Hang it out to dry. Do not put it in the dryer. The absorbent layer takes one to two days after washing to dry completely. We therefore recommend that you wear different ones during your menstrual week.
  • The absorbent layer softens after washing.


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Made from certified organic cotton with an ultra-thin absorbent layer.

Highly absorbent

Absorbent layer made with a technology exclusively designed for Yoni.


Wear, wash & wear again.

How it works

Let’s take a closer look at our ultra-thin, super absorbing technology. It consists of 4 layers. All the layers are incapsulated with glue to ensure they stay attached to each other. Additional stitches keep the inner gusset in place and ensure durability. The glue makes sure no blood can come through the stitch holes. When we say no leaks we mean no leaks!

What They Said

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What They Said

  1. Sarah

    Felt very secure and felt much cleaner than using pads and not wet at all

  2. Julie

    Not having to put anything inside is a relief. The fit was perfect, it is easy to wear and is comfortable

  3. Kelsey

    By wearing it, I did not feel like i was on my period!

  4. Isabelle

    I was worried about the fit, but it wears like regular underwear. Also it didn’t require as much time to dry after washing them.

  5. Barbara

    Nice shape and comfy

  6. Catherine

    The fit, it took a day or two to feel comfortable with only wearing the underwear, after being conditioned to need additional protection but after two days and no accidents it was the best feeling!

  7. Lara

    The fit is perfect and incredibly comfortable, material is breathable and so easy to wash. Because it’s black it’s elegant as well

  8. Annebel

    No more worrying, its very comfy! It feels fresh and clean.

  9. Maria

    The cut is stylish and still sexy, it’s good looking underwear.

  10. Jessica

    A sustainable and comfortable way to manage periods.

  11. Alex

    It is really absorbent

  12. Manon

    When I wear it, I am carefree throughout the day

  13. Lilian

    I really like the simple design and not visible pad

  14. Clara

    I think it’s a beautiful model and it felt very comfortable

  15. Caressa

    Its very personal what people want to wear. I do think the experience of period underwear creates safety for those tampon users or low flowers.

  16. Paula

    The design and fit are great, also the absorption. I already recommended it to some of my friends. It’s really nice to have this as another option next to tampons, pads and cups.

  17. Rosie

    So so easy to use and way more comfortable than pads or tampons, leakfree and you don’t notice it has absorbed blood.

  18. Grita

    Perfect fit, on my heaviest day it did the job!

  19. Rachael

    It’s even more comfortable than normal underwear & I’m stunned that it doesn’t leak.

  20. Eliane

    It’s very comfortable, and no need to change during the day.

  21. Lilly

    I like the fact that it feels like regular underwear. it doesn’t feel like a big bulky thing between your legs and yet you still feel “safe”.

  22. Carmen

    It is really comfortable, way more comfortable than regular pads, and also easy to use.

  23. Michelle

    I really liked the design.

  24. Evie

    The period pants look and feel so sexy. I feel very unsexy when I’m on my period and never dare to wear nice underwear. But this only comes in a nice shape.

  25. Lisa

    I love the feeling of security when wearing it!

  26. Hanneke

    I like the option of not having to use pads or tampons

  27. Laura

    It feels more environmentally friendly than pads!

  28. Eva

    There is more ‘breathing room’ for the vagina. Less sticky and sweaty than when using sanitary pads.

  29. Sheavaun

    The underwear feels a bit stiff at first, but after a few hours of wearing it feels really nice.

  30. Samara

    Perfect for night use and they look beautiful

  31. Elisa

    Nice design, it is a nice panty to wear. I mostly wear them at night and I would recommend them for that.

  32. Danique

    I love the fact that I can sleep through the night now.

  33. Celeste (verified owner)

    Perfect. Thin, comfy and absolutely leak free.

  34. Anonymous

    Very comfortable. Nice design and elegant. Good absorption and easy to clean.

  35. Sara

    The other panties I’m using are quite fitted and sometimes too tight. With Yoni, first I thought i’d be leaking because it was so seamless on my body. But it was not leaking and it was very comfy!

  36. Marissa

    Fits very comfortable throughout the day (even at the end of a medium flow day).

  37. Cinny

    Works great (really amazed by this invention) and it is comfortable to wear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Yoni Period Proof Underwear work? + -

    Yoni Period Proof Underwear is reusable and easy to use. You can wear it, wash it at the washing machine and wear it again. Depending on your flow, it can totally replace the disposable products like liners, pads and tampons or it can be used as back up by using it in combination with tampons or a cup. For first timers, we recomend trying Period Proof Underwear at night to get use to the feel of wearing an underwear for your period and to determine how much coverage the underwear gives to your flow. The ultra-thin absorbent layer is made from microfelt followed by a leak-proof layer to keep you dry and protect you from leaking. Take a look at our Period Proof Underwear page to learn more.

  • What makes Yoni Period Proof Underwear special in comparision to other period underwear? + -

    A lot of period underwear is bulky, especially in the gusset (the crotch area). Therefore, you might feel like you’re wearing a thick pad. Yoni underwear is very thin and super-absorbent. This makes them comfortable and flexible, allowing you to forget your wearing special underwear during your period.

  • How much blood will my Yoni Period Proof Underwear absorb? + -

    Our Yoni Underwear absorbs 30ml of liquid. That’s approximately as much as three medium/ normal tampons’or three medium pads worth of fluid.

  • Can I use fabric softener when I wash my Period Proof Underwear? + -

    No, we strongly recommend not to use fabric softener because it will affect the functioning of the superabsorbent layer inside the underwear.

  • Can Yoni Period Proof Underwear replace my current routine e.g. my use of tampons, pads and liners? + -

    Depending on your flow Yoni Period Proof Underwear can replace tampons, pads, liners and cups or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. Our current underwear absorbs 30ml of liquid, which is approximately as much as three normal tampons’ or pads’ worth of fluid. Be aware that the absorbency layer from the underwear needs one or two days to dry after washing. Therefore, you need more than one pair to cover all your mentruatial flow.

  • For how long will my underwear last? + -

    Our Period Proof Underwear can last for approximately two years or even longer when following our care instructions. As underwear is considered a delicate product, we strongly recommend to follow our care instructions to ensure you get the most wear out of your underwear.

  • How do I care for my Yoni underwear? + -

    Treat Yoni PPU like any other delicate garment you love! When washed with care, your Period Proof Underwear will maintain their super-absorbent functionality for approximately 2 years or even longer.

    Step 1. Rinse in cold water after use to remove any excess flow.

    Step 2. Throw your underwear in the washing machine with your regular dark wash and wash at a max. of 40 degrees. Using a delicate bag can protect your underwear from things like zippers!

    Step 3. Air dry only. Do not use a dryer and note that it may take a couple of days to completely dry the super-absorbent layer.

  • Will my Yoni Period Proof Underwear smell? + -

    No, if you follow our care instructions, your Yoni underwear shouldn’t smell. However, if you feel your underwear needs a little bit of extra love or has a musty smell when stored before fully dry, try soaking it in vinegar. Put 1 cup of vinegar in a clean sink or bowl and add in 2 cups of water. Let your underwear soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Then toss them in the washing machine as usual.

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