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The story behind… what does Yoni mean?

September 6, 2017 . careyo-machinawa

Did you know there are many stories behind the word Yoni? Yoni means vagina as well as the origin of life and it is one of the most respectful words for vagina. Fully in line with our goal and mission: to care about women and offer organic cotton pads and tampons. But if you Google Yoni not only our brand pops up, you’ll find out everything about eggs, yoga and massages.

Curious? Read on, ‘cuz Christel did some research.


The origin word Yoni goes way back and comes from the Sanscrit and Hebrew language. It stands for uterus, source of life and vagina. But most of all female empowerment. That’s why we fell in love with it.

Take care of your Yoni

The last few years Yoni got more popular. Why? We, women, want to take care of our Yoni, that’s why we for example choose organic cotton tampons or pads. Or… you could go a totally different way and bump into ‘yoni massages’, a yoni egg’ or ‘yoni yoga’. Find out more about it via Google.          


Besides all history and cool innovations around Yoni, it’s also a normal name – mostly for girls, but also for boys. Next month Yoni’s second male intern will start with the name Yoni. We can’t wait to introduce him to you!

Wanna know more about Yoni? Ask me anything: christel@yoni.care

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