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Voting Day

November 16, 2023 . camillazoe

Yoni is a Dutch brand and therefore the upcoming government elections on Nov. 22 can affect us. In the common vote guide, it’s not always clear how the different parties think about issues  like sexuality, gender equality or sustainability. So, we decided to have a look for ourselves and share some alternative voting guides to feed your curiosity. Do you have more voting tips for us? Please let us know (via instagram or email us). Information is power. 

This year Women Inc created a Point Plan for Gender Equality with 7 key points for the upcoming coalition agreement. This plan has been shared with all political parties and you can see to what extent parties have included these points in their election plans on the Vote Gender Equality website.  

To get more information on sustainability check out the Duurzame Kieswijzer prepared by ASN bank.   

Action Aid has created the Feminist Party Guide, which you can download here.   

Also check out the Political Sex Guide prepared by several NGOs. In the guide can use 16 statements to compare your views on sex and sexuality with the views of 8 of the political parties.   

And last – we want to give a shout out to Devika Partiman, founder and director of Vote for a Woman. In a distant past, we had the opportunity to interview (in Dutch) Devika about her work where she explains how you can use your voice to help women enter politics (tip: don’t go straight for the first woman on the list). Also check here to see which women are up for election by political party and how to vote smart to get more women elected.

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